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8-02-2018, 12:35
Suspension of certificates
Procedure for suspension and revocation of CPA EURASIA certificates issued by EICPA

According to the CPA EURASIA certification regulations, the certificate may be suspended or revoked. The revoked certificate is recognized as invalid. A person whose certificate has been revoked or suspended may not use the abbreviation CPA EURASIA in his / her signatures and recommend himself / herself as a person qualified as CPA EURASIA or holding a CPA EURASIA certificate.

The validity of the issued certificates is suspended if certificate holder’s membership in a professional organization is suspended, but not terminated, in accordance with the Charter of this organization.

The certificate is revoked if the certificate holder's membership is terminated in a professional organization that is a member of the EICPA.

The validity of the certificate is suspended or cancelled by the EICPA Executive Directorate at the request of a professional organization, a member of the EICPA. After reviewing the application, the executive directorate of the EICPA prepares and issues a corresponding order within ten days, makes an adjustment in the register of issued certificates and notifies the professional organization of the EICPA member that submitted the application in writing.