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Professional development
Continuing professional development (professional development) refers to training activities that develop and maintain the ability of accountants to competently perform their duties in a professional environment.
Training is mandatory for every CPA EURASIA certificate holder.
The purpose of professional development is the constant updating of theoretical and practical knowledge of a certified accountant.

The main form of professional development for a certified accountant is training courses (seminars) in accredited training centers.
The unit of measurement – an academic hour.
Alternate forms of development are allowed:
- development of normative documents and standards;
- defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations;
- publication of monographs, textbooks, manuals, books, articles, etc.;
- participation in conferences, round tables, seminars;
- training at the university for a second higher education in economic specialties.

In addition to participating in training or other activities, each certified accountant should systematically improve their skills by:
- studying laws, standards, instructions and other normative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, amendments and additions to them;
- studying foreign and domestic experience in the organization and methodology of accounting;
- improving computer literacy, the use of modern technologies, accounting, study of reference and legal systems, specialized information sites.
An accountant - holder of "CPA EURASIA" certificates (all levels) must undergo a refresher course in the amount of not less than 120 academic hours for 3 consecutive calendar years. The three-year period is calculated from the date of certificate receipt.

Control over the execution of permanent professional development program (Advanced training) is carried out by the CPA EURASIA Committee On "Advanced training of accountants and certification".
A certified public accountant must demonstrate the maintenance and improvement of the relevant level of competence by periodically presenting evidence that has been objectively confirmed by the competent party.

After professional development program, the Certified accountant submits to the Committee a Declaration, which contains information about the activities he passed with the application of supporting documents or copies. The Committee on the basis of the submitted declarations forms lists, determining the status of members, and places them on the website
The Declaration is submitted annually, no later than March 1 of the year following the year of the courses or training events.

To confirm the activities completed, the following documents are provided:
- certificate of training with the obligatory indication of the event name, the number of hours, the event date, the organization of the event, certified by the signature and seal of the authorized person;
- organization member participation confirmation in the program of internal training at the enterprise received from the employer (with participation in this type of professional development);
- written or published materials evaluation by the reviewer (with participation in professional development);
- publication of a professional article or research results (with participation in professional development);
- professional examinations results;
- obtained specialist qualification;
- as well as other documents confirming professional development.

In case of submitting Declaration on continuous professional development program completion (Professional Development) and providing the corresponding proofs, the Committee extends the Certificate of professional development for the next 3 years.
The deadline for submitting the declarations may be extended for a period of not more than six months, by the decision of the Board of the Eurasian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Not submitting the Declaration, not improving the qualification is the basis for suspension or cancellation of the certificate.

List of approved activities to confirm continuous professional education
of "CPA EURASIA" certificates holders (all levels)


Activity name



Courses, seminars, webinars, etc. related to the disciplines of "Management accounting", "Legal regulation of business", "Taxation", "Financial accounting and reporting", "Business and professional ethics", "Information systems", "Financial management", "Audit and expression of confidence", "Corporate governance", " Business environment, strategy and management»

Declaration indicates the number of hours of the course, seminar, webinar, etc.


Participation in conferences, symposia, round tables as a participant on the subject related to the disciplines of "Management accounting", "Legal regulation of business", "Taxation", "Financial accounting and reporting", "Business and professional ethics", "Information systems", "Financial management", "Audit and expression of confidence", "Corporate governance", " Business environment, strategy and management»

Declaration indicates the number of hours specified in the confirmation document of the audition, participation


Professional exams or official testing

5 hours for each successfully passed exam


Self-study modules or on-the-job training on new software, systems, procedures or methods that are used in performing a professional role.

5 hours


Published professional or scientific papers, articles, reports, etc.

Article publication:

from 1 to 10-5 hours over 3 years

from 10 to 50 – 10 hours over 3 years

from 50 to 100 in 20 hours over 3 years

(volume 1 of the publication shall be not less than 1 printed page)


Teaching a course in the field of professional duties

1 discipline - 40 hours over 3 years


Speaking at conferences, briefings or discussion groups as a speaker, lecturer, etc.

5 hours per performance


Education at the University in order to obtain a second higher education or master's degree program in economics.

40 hours for each year of study