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CPA Eurasia is ongoing and developing the CIPA (Certified International Professional Accountant) program up to required third level
Eurasian Institute Certified Public Accountants represents internation the certification of public accountants - CPA Eurasia (Certified Public Accountant Eurasia). All rights to certification programs and trademarks of CPA Eurasia and CIPA belong to the Eurasian Institute of Certified Public Accountants and are reserved.

CPA Eurasia is ongoing and developing the CIPA (Certified International Professional Accountant) program up to required third level, taking into account the International Federation of Accountants requirements  and the IFRS Committee

CPA Eurasia consists of three levels with 17 disciplines and the final comprehensive exam. In order to obtain a full CPA Eurasia certificate, 15 disciplines and a comprehensive exam must be passed. This is due to the fact that today the requirements of the international educational standards of the International Federation of Accountants are steadily increasing, new disciplines are necessary for the effective work of an accountant in the modern financial system.

In addition to the standard disciplines for CIPA, the CPA Eurasia first level includes a new discipline - “Business and Professional Ethics” as per IFAC requirements.

CPA Eurasia second level is indetical II level CIPA.

CPA Eurasia third level - "advanced" -  includes "Financial Accounting and Reporting 3", "Management Accounting 3", "Audit and Assurance Engagements 2", "Taxation 2", "Financial Management 2", and new disciplines - "Corporate Governance", "Business Environment, Strategy and Management". In order to pass to the third level, four disciplines are mandatory, one of three is elective.

The final, comprehensive CPA Eurasia exam includes questions on all certification disciplines.

CPA Eurasia having 17 disciplines and a final exam, is not inferior to any of the well-known international certifications in terms of training quality, competencies and skills verification. 

In addition to the three levels of certification, CPA Eurasia has developed five diplomas in the following specializations:

1. CPA Eurasia "Taxation Specialist" Diploma

2. CPA Eurasia "Management Accounting Specialist" Diploma 

3. CPA Eurasia “Specialist in Financial Accounting and Reporting (IFRS)” Diploma 

4. CPA Eurasia "Internal Auditor" Diploma

5. CPA Eurasia "Strategic Business Management" Diploma

CPA Eurasia certificate and diploma holders are professionals in the field of financial and managerial accounting, financial management, corporate governance, strategic analysis. They can work in an accounting firm, a foreign company or run their own business.

Today the Eurasian Institute of Certified Public Accountants has developed programs for holders of national certificates in countries participating in the Eurasian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, for example, in Kazakhstan it is a Professional Accountant of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the first level is CAP and the second level is CIPA of CIPA certification, with which you can take into account previously passed disciplines and conduct training on missing CPA Eurasia certification disciplines. 
First and second level CIPA certificate can be issued along with CPA Eurasia certificate as per CPA Eurasia participants' request.